Company Info

Guangdong Foshan Jiadefu Ceramics Co., Ltd., an advocator of ceramic art design and fashion application concept, inherits the Chinese traditional ceramics culture with a history of one thousand years, researches the modern innovative design concept and advanced process of ceramics from Italy and Spain, and creates high-quality ecological vitrified tiles in varieties more suitable for modern architectural decoration, receiving great praise from consumers.

The factory covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters, and annually yields ceramic tiles with an area of 20 million square meters. Our company has large roller kilns with advanced function, 8,800T SACMI large automatic hydraulic machines and advanced polished tile and ultra-clean bright production line, develops new colors and varieties guided by the market-oriented concept, and carries out R&D of new technology.

As a large famous modern ceramics manufacturer, our company keeps pace with the international trend, keeps learning, research and introduction of the world’s advanced technology, and develops our own featured products. We firmly believe that where there is market there are our products. Now our products are widely applied to many domestic projects, win favor of foreign consumers, and are exported to South Korea, Argentina, Spain, Italy, etc.

In face of market challenges and opportunities, our company takes a strong sense of social responsibility, gives full play to the spiritual superiority and technical advantages of the management team consisting of professional marketing management talents, obtains extensive social benefits and broad development space and meets customer demands by virtue of the stable product quality and excellent service.